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How to Feng Shui Your New Home

Posted by on December 11th, 2012

If you want to be in harmony with your home this is the place for you. Feng Shui is a method to increase the flow of good energy in your home.

Feng Shui living room
Our goal is to create a clear unobstructed flow of energy. If you’ve just settled in a new house it’s important to make sure it is clean. You can always use the after builders cleaning services in Fulham, if you don’t have time or you’re just scared of the mess. However, the colour scheme, furnitures and materials, are also very important in order to obtain the good energy flow in the room. That helps maintaining a powerful Feng Shui energy. Also, be sure that there is no sharp energy, or shi cha, where you, or your partner, sit. The idea behind this is that the energy you make nourishes you. Different paintings and pictures on the wall may strengthen the energy flow.


Feng Shui bedroom

A good Feng Shui bedroom is a bedroom which promotes a harmonious and clean flow of energy. This can be achieved by moving TV and computer out of the room. The positive energy is destroyed when these items are located in the bedroom. It is also important that the room is clean. The light in the bedroom is important. It is better to have several light levels. The beds should be approachable from both sides. Also a good practice is too keep the bedroom door closed during the nights. It is interesting to note that plants are not good Feng Shui unless they are located away from the bed.

Feng Shui Children’s room
It is known that there is no such thing as bad child. The only bad thing is a child’s behaviour. The environment strongly affects children’s behaviour. Many children don’t have the habit to clean their rooms. Children’s rooms are usually full with fluffy toys which gather a lot of dust. In fact, it is very important that the air in the room is good, because bad air can cause respiratory diseases like asthma. During construction or renovation the air in the home is bad for the children and their health so you can call some after builders cleaning services. It is also important that every item in the room is organized. You should have good places for storage. The chaos is the room destroys the Feng Shui energy.

In conclusion, in order to have a good energy flow in your home you should obtain the harmony between the main areas of your home and Feng Shui.

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